The world’s longest wooden railway

World records are not easy to break but BRIO decided to try anyway. So BRIO joined forces with Siemens and took on the challenge of building the world’s longest wooden railway.

The existing record stood at an impressive 2,014 metres. One summer’s day, railway builders gathered at Siemens’ test centre outside Düsseldorf in Germany.

The builders had won the right to take part in the record-breaking attempt via Siemens’ Facebook page. They had more than 10,000 long straight tracks and almost 2,000 curved tracks at their disposal. Everything was done strictly according to the rule book. An inspector with professional measuring equipment was present, along with a film team to document the proceedings.

Around fifteen railway builders worked hard for close to two and a half hours. The final result was 2,607.15 metres long – a world record by 593.15 metres!

A staggering 33,000 people visited the event. The entertainment on offer included competitions and hands-on play with BRIO railways.