Safe driving with BRIO

BRIO’s history dates all the way back to 1884 when BRIO came up with the idea to sell quality products. BRIO’s goal at the time was to produce toys of the highest quality – and this is still our top priority.

Creating products that are safe enough for young children involves extensive testing. Every BRIO product must have the approval of national and international regulatory bodies that govern the performance and labeling of products. Our products are tested for a long time before they are put on the market. We test new products as well as those already on the market and in general BRIO places higher demands on our toys than international testing institutes. No BRIO product can be placed on the market without passing all tests.

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In spite of all the measures that we have taken to eliminate risk, accidents can still happen. We have therefore developed a crisis and action plan so that we can respond quickly and appropriately in the event of accidents related to product safety.