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Customer Service

Do you have questions about BRIO Toys?

Your questions and comments are valuable to us. If you have questions or thoughts concerning our toys or our company we may already have the answer here on our site, please see Questions and Answers , or see specific information about claims or returns. You can of course contact your local toy shop to get more information about our products.

If you still not find your answer, you are welcome to send us a message to our customer service using our form – Questions about toys. We promise to send you an answer as soon as we can!

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Got questions about BRIO strollers, car seats or furniture?

Since May 2013, BRIO strollers, car seats and furniture are a part of Britax Childcare. If your local shop cannot answer your questions, you are welcome to contact Britax directly through our form – Question about BRIO strollers, car seats and furniture. They will answer you as soon as they can!

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