Our ethical standards reflect our core values

Our ethics policy reflects our core values, which are ‘Trust’ and ‘Joy’.  Based on the ‘UN Global Compact 10 principle´, they focus on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. 

We set high ethical standards on all of our suppliers, ensuring that all products are manufactured under good, fair and internationally acceptable working conditions. 

We work actively with TIE (Toy Industry Europe) and the ICTI Process, all to improve workers conditions in the toy industry. This work includes: 

  • BRIO work actively to implement efficient EHS (Environment Health and Safety) review program at our suppliers to protect the workers from work related injuries and sickness and to continuously improve work environment.
  • BRIO supports and respects the protection of internationally proclaims human rights within the spheres of influence, and ensures that the company actively works against the abuse of human rights.
  • BRIO upholds freedom of association and recognizes the right to collective bargaining.
  • BRIO opposes all forms of forced labour, child labour and discrimination in employment and occupation.

BRIOs internal work environment is based in responsibility and respect for one another. Discrimination due to sexual orientation, gender, religious belief, political opinion or other differences are not accepted.

This policy permeates BRIOs conduct towards employees, customers, licensee's, suppliers and society in general. The trust we have earned from our clients, partners and employees are our most important asset. BRIO and all its employees shall at all times act in a manner that seeks to maintain and develop this trust. 

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