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New pedagogic toddler book range from BRIO

30176, 30177, 30178

Be book smart with BRIO’s new pedagogic wooden book series for toddlers. Playing and having fun goes hand in hand with the development of children. These pedagogic books from BRIO are designed to focus on early learning play concepts with sorting, puzzle and counting. Will be available in stores by the end of March.

This new BRIO assortment gives you a classic learning toy that provides hours of exploration for the curious mind – and stores neatly upright on the bookshelf. The combination of solid wood construction and classic BRIO design makes the pedagogic wooden book series future BRIO classics.

Sorting Book – Shape up! (30176)30178 Counting Book

The Sorting Book is based on the classic sorting box. Where does the shape fit?

30177 Puzzle BookPuzzle Book – Puzzle me this (30177)
The Puzzle Book helps the child to develop recognition. Turn the spinning blocks and try to match them.

Counting Book – Gymnastics for the brain (30178)30176 Sorting Book

The Counting Book is great for the youngest mathematician. Count the beads.

For further information, please contact:
Francisca Kertzscher, Marketing Manager

Download high resolution pictures here