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Explore new pastures with BRIO Railway

33719 Farm Railway Set

The ever expanding world of BRIO Railway has gone from harbour settings, to the freight yeard, through the landscape with the travel trains and around the city with the metro lines - to finally move out to the countryside, where the grass is even greener. Will be available in stores by the end of March.

In 2012 BRIO introduces the Farm Railway Set and many farm additions, such as the Farm Silo, Farm train, Harvester, Horse trailer, Cow wagon and of course some animals and suitable loads to transport and play with.

As the BRIO Railway World grows bigger, loaded with exciting play value, the innovation never stops. BRIO finds a way to charter into new territory every year, while staying true to the valued heritage.

33603 Farm SiloFarm Silo (33603)
Store the crop from the harvest in the silo by placing one of the three loads inside. Then it’s time to feed the animals, turn the crank and see how the load falls perfectly into the wagon and gets ready for transport. All the animals will be happy to be fed!

Farm Train (33404)33404 Farm Train 
The horse and the cow need to be transported out to the pasture. Help them get inboard the train by folding down the ramp. No animals will have to feel crowded, as each will have their own wagon. Let the engine pull them along to their final stop.

33406 Cow & Wagon

Cow Wagon (33406)
The cow has its own transportation wagon, which can easily be attached to any BRIO engine. Just help the cow onboard by folding down the ramp. Close it again to make sure the cow stays safe and secure in its place, ready for the ride.

Harvester (33407)33407 Harvester
Pretend to be a farmer with this harvester and expand the railway world out info the countryside! Push the harvester forward and see how the wooden combine actually turns to reap the crop. The harvester drives on and off the tracks. It’s only the imagination that sets the destination.

33405 Horse TrailerHorse Trailer (33405)
The happy horse owner can now transport the stallion from pasture to farm and from farm to exciting riding competitions. Just help the horse into the trailer by folding down the ramp and close it again. The horse fits inside for a secure and safe transportation on the BRIO road and rail tracks.

For further information please contact:
Francisca Kertzscher, Marketing Manager

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