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BRIO honours French toy historian

BRIO Prize winner 2014 - Michel Manson

The 2014 BRIO prize goes to Michel Manson. The French professor and toy historian wins the award for proven a historical connection between the development of children's culture and social development in Europe. The award will be presented on 24 July at the World Congress of the International Toy Research Association in Braga, Portugal.

Michel Manson’s research has shown connections between toys and economic and
educational development in Europe from the Middle Ages until today.

Manson is a professor at University of Paris 13. His studies are based on the assumption that a commercial children's culture did not emerge until family structures changed and society began defining childhood as a separate period of life, distinct from adult life.

Meaningful work

Michel Manson's scientific studies have also looked into how contemporary education ideals have affected how games and toys are illustrated in children's literature. “Michel Manson's publications have had a significant influence on other researchers and he is often cited in scientific publications. By awarding Michel Manson the BRIO award, we wish to underline the contribution of social historians to game and toy research," says Dag Ivarsson, Chairman of Lennart Ivarssons Stipendiefond, which is presenting the BRIO award.

The 2014 BRIO Prize will be presented on 24 July at the 7th World Congress of the ITRA (International Toy Research Association) in Braga, Portugal.

This is the 22nd year that the BRIO Prize is being awarded to either a prominent
researcher in the field of children and young adults or a charitable organisation
performing important work for the benefit of children and/or young people.

BRIO Prize winners 1992-2013

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2004 Jean-Pierre Rossie, Ph.D, Ghent University, Belgium
2003 Sweden ́s Child and Play Therapist ́s Association, Stockholm, Sweden
2002 Gilles Brougère, Ph.D, University of Paris 13, France
2001 Jeffrey H Goldstein, Ph.D, Utrecht University, Netherlands
2000 Senior researcher B.A. Jörn Martin Steenhold, Copenhagen, Denmark
1999 Professor Dongju Shin, EHWA Womens University, Seoul, South Korea
1998 Nordic Center for Research on toys, NCFL, University of Halmstad, Sweden
1997 Organisation Spiel Gut, Ulm, Germany
1996 Stephen Kline, Ph.D, Simon Fraser University B.C., Canada
1995 Waltraut Hartmann, Ph.D, University of Vienna, Austria
1994 The Swedish Montessori Association
1993 Brian Sutton-Smith, Ph.D, University of Pennsylvania, USA
1992 Birgitta Almqvist, Ph.D, University of Uppsala, Sweden

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