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BRIO goes beyond the railway and heads for the woods!

BRIO Lifestyle 33789 Lumber loading set

33789 Lumber Loading set

Our heart skips a beat as we hop on the train to the latest BRIO World destination deep in the forest: the lumber loading station. The train is packed with spring novelties. A whole series of collectable play figures, a farming play concept for toddlers and we even bring something for the youngest to munch on.

Welcome to the BRIO World
Enjoy a ride into the ever expanding BRIO World– an open-ended play system that inspires creativity with real life scenarios. BRIO World is full of new discoveries and playfulness with its unique usage of combined materials. Whether you are a  boy or a girl, young or old, you can let your imagination run free.
– The BRIO World is much more than railway today. We have been known for our wooden railway for almost 60 years. The railway is and will always be in our heart, but BRIO World is a wide and diverse play system for children to recreate the real world. It includes everything from trains, cars, boats, animals to something spectacular as roller coasters, says Michael Heun, Head of Product Development at BRIO.

Knock on Wood
The new destinations for the spring of 2016 start with a trip to the woods. The exciting Lumber Loading Set includes all the tools you need as a forest worker and also tree plants so you can replant the forest. In the Sawmill Play Set they are waiting for the next train loaded with lumber. Let the mill worker start the mill. All workers at the mill use helmets and ear protection – always safety first. Of course we ensure that all the trees that are being lumbered come from FSC®-certified renewable forests – as all the wood in  BRIO’s toys.

We have a new set of friends on board! 
Who do you want to be? The train driver, the circus manager, the road worker or someone else? With the new series of Figure play packs you can bring them all into your BRIO World. Collect them, and why not exchange figures with your friends? Every play figure comes with with its own unique wooden accessory.

Time to own your first tractor
In 2016 we also see the introduction of a new play concept for toddlers that is based on character play and brings wooden toys and role play together. The Farm Tractor and Farm Train set come fully loaded with functionality. A unique feature is the wooden figures that can be equipped with accessories suitable for the age group, allowing a more engaged character based play.

Yummy novelties to put your teeth inBRIO Lifestyle 30440 Teether
The new playful Teether, Teether Ball and Clutching Toy let the youngest discover all their senses. The infants can bite and feel different materials. Their fingers can explore the different textures and they can easily pick the toys up with one hand if they drop them. 
– The best toys for the youngest are sensorial objects that stimulate touching, hearing, seeing, tasting and smelling. That’s why we use different colours, materials, and sounds in our infant toys, says Annica Nygren, Category Manager at BRIO.

About BRIO
For over a century, our driving force has been to spread joy among children around the world. We want to create happy childhood memories where the imagination is allowed to flow freely. BRIO is a Swedish toy brand that creates innovative, high-quality and well-designed wooden toys that give children a safe and fun play experience. The company was founded in 1884 and is represented in over 30 countries. For more information, please visit www.brio.net

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