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BRIO launches new gender neutral play concept


Children should be able to play without restricting gender boundaries. This knowledge has been a key in the development of BRIOs new play concept Village which launches this fall. Village will be a theme within BRIO World, the popular play universe known by many for its wooden railway.

BRIO  has been known for its wooden railway for almost 60 years. The new Village theme adds versatility and depth to BRIO World and zooms in on the environments that children are familiar with from their own neighbourhoods. The social role play and character interaction has a central role in the play. This together with the modularity in the play concept makes it possible to endlessly build, rebuild, invite and invent.

– For us it’s obvious that children should be able to play freely without limiting gender boundaries restricting them to what boys or girls are supposed to like. It is an important part of our play philosophy and Swedish heritage, says Sophie Elvefors, Commercial Director at BRIO. 

Toys focusing on building and construction are traditionally marketed towards boys and toys triggering social role play are marketed towards girls. Village is specifically designed to be gender inclusive, not to be put in a certain category.

Village Family Home set

– All children are unique with their own interests. We have tried to capture this in our play concept that allows children to play whatever they want. The child can decide on its own how much time to spend on social play with characters and friends and on the building; to reinvent or rebuild. Our world is open to all children!, says Therese Eklund, Category Manager at BRIO. 

The theme includes 8 toys: Family House, Singing Stage, School Playset, Market stand, Ice-cream shop, Camper Trailer, Playground, Village expansion pack, Figure and dog and Family Pack.

Further information and enquiries please contact:

Francisca Kertzscher, Marketing Manager, BRIO AB
 +46 70 201 5397

About BRIO
For over a century, our driving force has been to spread joy among children around the world. We want to create happy childhood memories where the imagination is allowed to flow freely. BRIO is a Swedish toy brand that creates innovative, high-quality and well-designed wooden toys that give children a safe and fun play experience. The company was founded in 1884 and is represented in over 30 countries. For more information, please visit www.brio.net