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Gender neutral play theme sparks the BRIO World

BRIO World Rescue Forest

BRIO World Rescue theme

Children should be able to play without restrictive gender boundaries. That’s the thought behind BRIO’s brand new character based play concept Village. Featured among the other novelty highlights for the season, BRIO World also grows with an exciting Rescue theme and for toddlers, there is a new Farm set.

Specially developed not to be put in a certain gender category 
Village is a brand new theme within BRIO World, the popular play universe known by many for its wooden railway. Village encourages boys and girls to play together with the help of stories from their own everyday life. 

”Village is specifically developed to be gender inclusive and not to be put in a certain gender category. For us, it’s obvious that children should be able to play freely without gender boundaries restricting them to what boys or girls are supposed to like”, says Sophie Elvefors, Commercial Director at BRIO.

The Village environment is constructed with modules like the Family Home and School Playsets, the Market Stand and Ice-Cream Shop. Staying true to the BRIO spirit, it is up to every child whether to assemble the predefined modules or come up with their own creations. 

”Village makes it possible for children with different interests to play together side by side in a natural way. It really does not matter if you are interested in social role play or if you prefer construction and building”, says Therese Eklund, Category Manager at BRIO.

Everything is in the same scale as the railway sets and themes in the BRIO World and can easily be connected as part of a bigger setting. 

Be a hero in our new Rescue theme! 

What could be more exciting than a brand new Rescue theme in BRIO World? The theme includes a Rescue Emergency Set, a Central Fire Station and even a Firefighter Helicopter so you can fly over the city and make sure all is well. Some of the vehicles come with light and sound functionality for extra fun. Toot toot! 

“This is definitely where the action is. You can drive fast in sturdy rescue vehicles, put out fires and be the hero of the day”, says Michael Heun, Head of Product Development at BRIO. 

Drive our new engine with your tablet 
Our new app-enabled engine is something extraordinary to add to BRIO World! Discover the fun of driving it with your tablet or smart phone – turn on the lights or activate the train horn, watch the fuel gage, then drive and accelerate! Press the buttons on top of the train for automatic action if there’s no smart device around- or if you just want to have a tablet free moment and go totally analogue. 

– All children are unique with their own interests. We have tried to capture this in our play concept that allows children to play whatever they want. The child can decide on its own how much time to spend on social play with characters and friends and on the building; to reinvent or rebuild. Our world is open to all children!, says Therese Eklund, Category Manager at BRIO. 

Busy days on the farm 
Earlier this year we introduced a new play concept for toddlers based on character play that brings wooden toys and role play together. This fall we add even more fun and possibilities with additional products and play sets in the same scale aimed for children 18 months and up. 

Village Family Home set

With the new Farm play set, the children can live the country life and build their own fantasy world with wooden figures, wooden animals and other accessories that guarantee hours of endless play. 

For further information and enquiries please contact:


Sophie Elvefors, Commercial Director BRIO AB +46 73 644 9101 

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