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Say hello to BRIO’s SMART Engine

BRIO Figure waving

BRIO’s first ever game app features a unique combination of entertainment and educational fun for the youngest. It will be available for both tablet and phone devices in February 11 2016 and offers endless opportunities for children to play and learn in a completely safe, digital environment.

SMART Tech brings life and action to our new SMART Engine, creating an opportunity for new adventures to unfold before your eyes. It can start and stop, change direction and speed, honk its horn and flash its lights – all depending on how you want it to happen.

The technology powering the SMART Tech concept is called Radio Frequency Identity (RFID), and the battery-operated SMART Engine is the central intelligence unit – carrying an RFID chip that is capable of receiving commands from other SMART enabled BRIO items.  

As the SMART Engine passes under different Action Tunnels or rolls through destinations like the SMART Washing Station, it reads signals and automatically reacts with programmed actions, sounds and lights. By arranging the tunnels and destinations in different and unique ways, the child becomes the decision maker with an endless number of play options available at his or her fingertips. 

We are releasing three new products as part of the SMART Tech concept; SMART Engine with Action Tunnels, SMART Engine Set with Action Tunnels and the SMART Washing Station. 

The SMART Tech concept is based in BRIO World – an open-ended play system that inspires creativity with real life scenarios. The SMART Tech items can be integrated into existing, present and future BRIO sets, making them an ideal way to extend your BRIO World collection.

Further information
For further information and enquiries, please contact: Fia Rasmusson, Brand Manager BRIO AB 
+46 736 44 90 63

About BRIO
For over a century, our driving force has been to spread joy among children around the world. We want to create happy childhood memories where the imagination is allowed to flow freely. BRIO is a Swedish toy brand that creates innovative, high-quality and well-designed wooden toys that give children a safe and fun play experience. The company was founded in 1884 and is represented in over 30 countries. For more information, please visit www.brio.net