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BRIO World Smart Tech 2018

BRIO World

Track by track, vehicle by vehicle and destination by destination, the popular BRIO World range continues to grow this year, meaning that there’s even more to explore in the open-ended play system for pre-schoolers. In 2018, we are staying true to our BRIO roots and have developed a number of new and exciting toys based on some of our most popular and much loved items.

Travelling around BRIO World continues to get “smarter” as we happily introduce new products within our technology infused concept - Smart Tech.

The Smart Engine departed from the station in late 2017 along with a few Smart accessories. With the help of RFID technology, it brought a completely new element of interactive play to BRIO World that really put the children in charge.

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BRIO Smart Tech products - 33918_33834



To make sure that the Smart Engine continues to run on time, we have created the Smart Tech Workshop along with some other new Smart products. 

“When passing through a Broken Engine Action Tunnel, the Smart Tech Engine starts to act and sound broken. It rolls it’s way up to the new workshop and stops directly above the repairman’s pit for a little fine tuning”, says Therese Eklund, Category Developer for BRIO World. “Later on in the year we’ll also be making a visit to the new Smart Tech Farm where the animals are really coming to life”.

Take to the skies at the brand new Airport with Control Tower, complete with a modern design and ingenious cargo moving systems and vehicles. You can even give your beloved trains a jet-setting experience with the spacious Cargo Helicopter.

“Air travel has always been one of the most exciting ways to get around, for adults and children alike. And now BRIO World has its very own iconic airport to get you started on your journey. The design is influenced by the amazing and stylistic architecture seen across the world in new airports”.

Speaking of heights, BRIO World is growing taller with the introduction of the Lift & Load Warehouse and the Crane and Mountain Tunnel. Both of these new toys work with the concept of building on heights, so it’s a good thing that we have some fast trains and sturdy tracks to help get us back down quickly. 33887 BRIO Lift and Load Warehouse Set

“Building BRIO World upwards is very important to us. We know that children love the speed that higher tracks enable and how exciting the play becomes. But also, we’re aware that consumer living environments are changing, getting smaller every year, especially in some of our newer and fastest developing markets”.

“As such, we wanted to start to work with the concept of building on height. I think it’s very exciting, and having to introduce different play elements at different heights certainly gives us a fun challenge”, says Therese. And these are just a few of our new items for 2018 – building your own BRIO World has never been as exciting. So climb on board and full steam ahead!


BRIO My Home Town Imagination 2018

Songs, celebrations and STEM:
BRIO has it all

Through play, children’s growing bodies and minds get all the stimulation that they need to develop. That’s why all of our toys are designed to support each stage of a child’s development – from scientific to social, and from early infant care to pre-schoolers and beyond. This year, we have many exciting new releases for children of all ages, and there’s some celebrations to be had as we hear it’s someone’s birthday.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning is a philosophy that we at BRIO support very strongly. It aligns with our guiding principle that toys and play can help children develop the building blocks that they need for later life.30185 Stacking Tower

One of our newest products for 2018 certainly presents young players with quite an engineering challenge. Introducing, the Stacking Tower. This colourful and multi-functional stacking and sorting toy presents numerous opportunities to stack, sort and match different wooden and plastic pieces together. How you want to play and how much of a challenge you want to face is entirely up to you. The second STEM release for 2018 arrives to the sound of song. Our Musical Caterpillar is a pedagogic puzzle that helps teach children cause and effect using sound and song.30189 Play and Learn Musical Caterpillar

This caterpillar challenge plays different notes when the puzzle pieces are re-arranged, and rewards the player with 10 delightfully different songs depending on how the head and tail are connected. Half puzzle, half instrument, all play.

In 2017, we welcomed everyone to My Home Town - a character-play concept for toddlers that brings together the timeless values of wooden toys and modern play values. Now we’re ready for some adventure, so this year we are adding the Family Car and Camping Set to help us explore the great outdoors. We even have a little dog who can join in on the fun. We are also adding an environmentally friendly Garbage Truck to the My Home Town line up; to make sure that the town stays clean and green.

30230 Anniversary Stacking ClownAs for the celebrations, our classic BRIO Stacking Clown is turning a very youthful sixty years old this year! He’s still standing tall and as strong as ever, but we thought that he deserved a new outfit to mark the occasion.

“We love our old clown, and so do our consumers, so we really wanted to celebrate this turning of age”, says Annica Nygren, Category Manager for Toddler and Games. “The special 60th Anniversary Stacking Clown comes wearing a white and red polka dot costume with a little extra play value – you can now also twist the body parts to line up his polka dots”. 
34017 Pinball Game 34100 Take Along Labyrinth

The original BRIO Labyrinth was launched over 70 years ago, and now it’s time for the metal ball family to grow.The Take Along Labyrinth is a handheld version of our classic game, now suited for 3+ year olds, with an enclosed shell to keep the ball secure and two-sided play for double the fun.The metal ball has also rolled its way into another new game of ours: the Pinball Game. This fast-paced action game will really test your co-ordination and finger skills. A certain winner both on your own and with friends.

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For over a century, our driving force has been to spread joy among children around the world. We want to create happy childhood memories where the imagination is allowed to flow freely. BRIO is a Swedish toy brand that creates innovative, high-quality and well-designed wooden toys that give children a safe and fun play experience. The company was founded in 1884 and is represented in over 30 countries. For more information, please visit www.brio.net

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