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Let’s get moving with BRIO

BRIO R/C Racecar

BRIO R/C Racecar

Through play, children’s growing bodies and minds get all the stimulation that they need to develop. That’s why all our toys are designed to support each stage of a child’s development – from scientific to social, and from early infant care to pre-schoolers and beyond. This year, we have many exciting new releases for children of all ages.

Our beloved Dachshund has been helping to encourage toddlers to walk for 60 years now, and to pay tribute to this great feat, we’re celebrating with a special addition release: the 60th Anniversary Dachshund. This classic pull-along toy has been the ideal companion for generations of toddlers, walking by their side as they make their first steps into the world. 

“With colourful looks, playful dots and an elegant design, we hope that this celebratory little pooch will bring joy to toddlers and maybe stir some happy memories for their parents too”, says Annica Nygren, Category Manager. “Taking this toy dog for a walk around the room or in the garden encourages your toddler to walk and improve their balance”.

Another one of our classic toys is also making some new friends in 2019. The push-along BRIO Race Car will be joined by a Remote-Control Race Car and Ride-on Race Car, both flaunting the iconic BRIO design and striking red colour. 

“The Remote-Control Race Car is a motorised version of our classic BRIO Race Car, with a simple remote to make steering easy and exciting for even the youngest Formula 1 driver. The wireless antenna is cleverly hidden to avoid damage and accidental breakage. And your toddler can also steer the race car without having to point the remote at the car, making steering straightforward and frustration-free”, explains Dan Nordlund, Product Designer.

“The new Ride-on Race Car aims to give toddlers a real-life driving experience, steering the car around the house whilst honking the wooden horn. We’ve thought a lot about the ergonomics for the child when designing the car – making sure that it’s easy to sit in, push and steer at the same time”.


BRIO Toddler Novelties 2019


We’ve walked. We’ve driven. Now we build! Our BRIO Builder range is growing this year with some exciting additions. The Builder Motor Set and Builder Record & Play Set add new elements of play to the open-ended construction system where imagination is the only limit. Whatever you choose to build, whether it’s vehicles, characters, robots or something entirely new to this world, you can now bring them to life with motorised motion and your very own sounds. 

“The BRIO Builder system has a lot of history and is something really close to our hearts here at BRIO, and the idea of entirely open-ended play really appeals to me personally”, says Erik Söderlind, Design Manager. “Being able to create whatever you want, with no right or wrong way, helps children to explore the world as they play, trying new things without any restrictions. To be able to add to this fantastic product range with unintrusive innovation is something we’re really proud of this year”. 

Last year, we successfully introduced a new metal marble-based game to the BRIO range by way of the exciting Pinball Game. An instant classic, this product looked truly at home alongside the modern Take Along Labyrinth and the ever-popular Labyrinth Game. For 2019, we have focused on ramping up the challenge for all the Labyrinth Game lovers out there with a new Labyrinth Activity Board. This add-on product takes the Labyrinth to a whole new skill level, practicing fine motor skills, concentration and co-ordination as you play. Do you have the skill to complete it?

Traditional play values remain a core part of our focus with BRIO toys, and in 2019, we will see some exciting new additions to some of the favourites in the BRIO range. Come and join the fun.


BRIO Builder and Games Novelties 2019


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For over a century, our driving force has been to spread joy among children around the world. We want to create happy childhood memories where the imagination is allowed to flow freely. BRIO is a Swedish toy brand that creates innovative, high-quality and well-designed wooden toys that give children a safe and fun play experience. The company was founded in 1884 and is represented in over 30 countries. For more information, please visit www.brio.net

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