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BRIO World Smart Tech 2019

BRIO World Smart Tech

Track by track, vehicle by vehicle and destination by destination, the popular BRIO World railway system continues to grow this year, meaning that there’s even more to explore in the open-ended range for pre-schoolers. In 2019, you’ll get to meet our exciting additions to the recently launched Smart Tech range, re-live memories of your first ever trip to the farm, and you might even be lucky enough to see a few lions and zebras along the way.

Our Smart Tech journey started in late 2017 when the Smart Tech Engine first left the train station, bringing new and exciting features to BRIO World. Since then, we’ve been adding new destinations and functionality to the range and this year BRIO World continues to grow “smarter”. 

Get ready to swing into action, make light work of heavy loads, and cross new bridges as we proudly launch our new Smart Tech products; Lift & Load Crane, Container Crane and Lifting Bridge. Adding to the success of the already popular Lift & Load products, the added functionality made possible with Smart Tech allows the Smart Tech Engine to communicate with these new novelties, animating the child’s imaginative play with fun and surprising movement, lights and sound. 

“Adding technological elements to our toys is a really interesting innovation for us. Our goal is to elevate the quality of play for the child – adding new and exciting functions whilst maintaining our classical approach to play – something we know that parents really appreciate these days”, says Erik Söderlind, Design Manager at BRIO AB. “With Smart Tech, your child really takes full control of the play, acting out different stories and adventures as they play. You can really imagine that there’s a little train driver inside the Smart Tech Engine - driving around the BRIO World, tooting the horn as he goes about his journey”.


BRIO Smart Tech Novelties 2019


Things aren’t just getting smarter in BRIO World, but a little wilder too. In 2019, we expand upon our existing Safari range with a selection of new safari themed products. The Safari Adventure Set adds new dimensions to the BRIO World, focusing on roleplay scenarios with animals as well as classic railway play. You’ll also see a new Safari Airplane, Safari Rhino Train, and a collection of different Animal Wagons released. 

“We love introducing new play elements to our ranges, and we know that children really love to roleplay with animals. The mysterious and fascinating animals of the savannah add an interesting element to the play in a fun and recognisable way for children”, says Stina Wallin, Category Manager for BRIO Railway toys.  

This year, we’re also adding to our fantastic My First Railway range with a new playset; My First Farm. The My First Railway product range has been a great success with consumers, providing a playful introduction to the fun of railway play. These products have been specifically designed for a younger audience than our BRIO World range, utilising a dynamic mix of bright and bold colours with frustration-free features. 

“This new playset obviously has all the playful characteristics of our My First Railway range, with wooden tracks, colourful buildings and classic train play. But it’s also designed to help teach toddlers about farmyard animals”, explains Daniel Mauritzon, Product Designer for Railway Toys. “The five wooden animals that fit into the wagons each come with three distinct sounds, which are activated automatically when placed in the farm meadow”. 

These are just a few of our new railway toys that will be released in 2019, so you can imagine that building your own BRIO World has never been so exciting. It’s time to climb on board and full steam ahead!



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