BRIO World

In BRIO World there are no borders and no limitations – just endless possibilities and fun toys. Be whoever you want to be in BRIO World. Build, rebuild, invent and invite: all the six themes in BRIO World are connected, so you can ride, drive, run or ...

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Smart Tech

Smart Tech is our way of adding extra layers of functionality and play value to BRIO Toys. Integrated technology and ingenious design opens up a new kind of interaction between child and toy. Sound, light and action are combined to create cause-and-eff...

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Vehicles and accessories

Whether you want to be the driver or the passenger is up to you. Wherever you’re going, BRIO Travel accessories are guaranteed to make your journey more thrilling.

Lift and Load

Rotating cranes and magnetic loads. Lifting and loading cargo has never been more fun than with BRIO Lift and Load! With BRIO Lift and Load, you can get busy with all kinds of work on building sites and in harbours. But remember: the safety equipment, ...

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This is where the action is! BRIO Rescue lets you drive fast in sturdy rescue vehicles with light and sound effects, catch thieves, put out fires and be the hero of the day. The BRIO Fire Station and Police Station provide infinite opportunities for ro...

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Discover the world with BRIO Explore! Here are the toys that take you on safari to see wild animals, to the amusement park or mountaineering – anything’s possible. BRIO Explore is the adventure theme that’s fuelled by imagination, curiosity and fun....

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If your railway track or BRIO bridge badly needs an extension or a makeover, you might stop playing with it. Let BRIO Expansion be the nudge you sometimes need to start playing again. BRIO Expansion is the spark that can re-ignite your imagination!

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