Stacking Penguine - March 2009

30198 BRIOs stacking toy with the shape of a penguin was introduced in 2008.

In the last few weeks, BRIO has received a few claims from customers in Sweden on Stacking Penguin 30198. We have found that the small yellow beak on the big penguin can come loose if dropped from a high level or hit hard from any side and become a so called hazardous small part.

Even if this only has occurred on very few products, BRIO has decided to recall all sold products of 30198 from the market, to be on the safe side.

We urgently request all customers that have bought a Stacking Penguin 30198 to return it to the shop and get compensation.

The National Board for Consumer Policies has been informed.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may brings you and thank you in advance for helping us in our work to provide safe toys to the market.

Best regards

Göran Kullberg
Head of Quality